Multifunctional microscopy system:atomic force microscope (AFM), confocal and scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM)

Sukurta: 20 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Surface morphology, spatially-resolved luminescence, atomic force microscope, AFM, confocal microscope, scanning near field optical microscope, SNOM, WITec Alpha 300
Responsible person: Dr. Gintautas Tamulaitis, tel.+37060034126,

Multifunctional microscopy system WITec Alpha 300 enables measurements in three different modes: AFM, confocal, and SNOM.

AFM measurements are conducted in contact mode with ~10 nm spatial resolution. Confocal microscope is used to study spatial distribution of photoluminescence parameters (intensity, peak position, and FWHM). The in-plane spatial resolution of confocal microscope is 250 nm, and 800 nm in plane perpendicular to the sample surface. SNOM can simultaneously measure surface morphology and spatial distribution of photoluminescence. Optical spatial resolution of SNOM is 100 nm and can resolve surface roughness of 200 nm. The maximum area of single measurement is 80×80 µm2. Luminescence can be detected in 350-850 nm spectral range. Objectives with high numerical aperture (NA) are available: 50× NA=0,55; 60× NA=0,8; 100× NA=0,9. All the measurements are performed at room temperature.

Application. Characterization of surface morphology with atomic force microscope (AFM). Spatially-resolved photoluminescence measurements by confocal microscope. Spatially-resolved photoluminescence measurements by scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM).

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