VUTEG-5 dosimeter and an instrument for the radiation defect density measurements for the control of the hadron irradiations

Sukurta: 20 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Dosimetry, hadron irridation, registration of photoconductivity kinetics, VUTEG-5
Responsible person: Dr. Eugenijus Gaubas, tel. +37060034126,

The instrument operates in 19 - 24 GHz microwave reflection mode. 

This instrument consists of a pulsed laser for excitation of free carriers within a sample and microwave probing system, which is equipped with microwave generator, microwave bridge, slit antenna with adjustment components.
Only one sample can be investigated during a single measurement. Laser pulse - 400 ps, wavelength of first harmonic radiation - 1062 nm. Maximum microwave power - 50 mW. 

Application. Monitoring of the radiation dose within environments of large intensity (fluence) particle accelerators.