Technological system for the formation and processing of polymeric layers

Sukurta: 22 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Formation and processing of polymeric layers, numerical modelling, laser formation, artificial three-dimensional frame laser formation, laser formation of nanophotonic elements, spin-coater, Chemat Technology, Acton, AvaSpec, Avantes, Ophir, Labinco, Vacuubrand, VACUCELL, MMM, Electrophysics, Electroviewer, Tektronix, EMAG, Thorlabs, Quorum Technologies, Kottermann, Sartorius
Responsible person: Dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas

System is suitable for laser nanophotonics research.

1. Numerical modeling, laser formation, geometry and optical properties (focus, collimation, phase modulation) description of multifunctional (refractive / diffractive) and integrated (on the optical fiber tip) micro – optical elements (10 – 100 μm).
2. Artificial three-dimensional frame laser formation for cell biology and tissue engineering applications. Biologically inert and degrading polymers can be used, and a carcass can be produced of several different materials. The pore size and filling factor can be varied from 1 to 100 μm and 20-80%, respectively.
3. Laser formation of nanophotonic elements in polymers and transparent material. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional fixed and gradually variable period photonic crystals can be produced with the laser. Their period can be from 0.5 to 10 μm. Numerical modeling of these items and characterization of their light control properties.


The system consists of:

1) A KW-4A Spin-coater (Chemat Technology) coating formation device;
2) An Acton SP2300 (Princeton instruments) spectrometer for the 200-1100 nm spectral range;
3) An AvaSpec (Avantes) spectrometer;
4) A set for measuring optical radiation energy and power (Ophir): energy and power meters with a detectable power range from 10 pW to 5 kW (energy from 10 pJ to 100 J), a PD300-3W photodiode element for power and energy measurement for the 350-1100 nm spectral range with detectable power from 5nW to 3W, a thermoelectric energy and power meter 3A for the 60 μW-3W optical power range (optical energy range is from 20μJ to2 J) and for 150 nm – 6 μm spectral range;
5) A magnetic stirrer (Labinco);
6) A DCP 3000 membrane vacuum gauge (Vacuubrand);
7) A set of precise calibrated automated pipettes;
8) A VACUCELL VUS-B2V/VU 22 (MMM) vacuum oven;
9) A UV lamp;
10) A Samsung refrigerator;
11) An Electroviewer series 7215 (Electrophysics) camera for IR radiation visualization, in the 400 nm - 1300 nm spectral range;
12) An MD 4 NT (Vacuubrand) vacuum pump;
13) A four – channel oscillograph (Tektronix) with 100 MHz frequency band;
14) An EMMI 20HC (EMAG) ultrasonic cleaner,
15) An HNL050L (Thorlabs) He-Ne 633 nm laser;
16) A metallization device (Quorum Technologies);
17) A heating oven;
18) A chemical fume cupboard (Kottermann);
19) An AX124 (Sartorius) analytical balance;
20) A K850 critical point drier.