Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 8000, Perkin Elmer

Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 8000, Perkin Elmer

Sukurta: 22 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences
Keywords: Calorimeter, DSC 8000, Perkin Elmer, vitrification temperature, melting temperature, crystallization temperature, degree of crystallinity
Responsible person: Jūratė Jonikaitė-Švėgždienė, tel.+370 638 61851, Ričardas Makuška, tel.+370 5 219 3227,

The device is used for registering energy, which is needed to maintain temperature both in sample and standard material, when samples are heated or cooled..

Measurements provide information about physical or chemical processes in a material, which are related to endothermic and exothermic processes or the changes of the heat flow. Calorimetric dynamic range - from 100 to 750 °C (with special container for samples). With standard aluminium containers – up to 600 °C.

Indicators that can be determined by the device:

  1. The heat of physical transformations and chemical reactions
  2. Temperature of polymer glazing
  3. Temperature of polymer melting and degree of crystallinity
  4. Oxidative/thermal stability of polymers
  5. Speed and degree of Cross linked reactions 
  6. Purity of material

Application. Determination of vitrification and melting temperatures of polymers, degree of crystallinity, thermal / oxidative stability. 



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