Vibro viscometer SV-10, A&D

Vibro viscometer SV-10, A&D

Sukurta: 22 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences
Keywords: Vibro viscometer, SV10, A&D, dynamic viscosity, viscosity measurement
Responsible person: Tatjana Krivorotova, tel. +370 674 08195, Ričardas Makuška, tel. +370 5 219 3227,

Viscosity is measured by evaluating vibrations of the sensor system.

It is possible to measure samples with low and medium viscosity, emulsions and suspensions during 15 seconds.
Main technical specifications:
Viscosity measurement range from 0.3 to 10000 mPa*s.

Application. Determination of dynamic viscosity of polymer solutions, suspensions and emulsions in the range from 0.3 to 10000 mPa*s. 


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