Sun cluster (epsilon)

Sukurta: 26 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Keywords: Supercomputer, high performance computing, calculation, HPC
Responsible person: tel. +370 5 2195005

Distributed computing cluster consists of 24 computing nodes.

Each node has 8 computing cores (x86_64 architecture), 24GB RAM, 24GB SSD and Infiniband (4x QDR 40 Gb/s) and Gb/s Ethernet network. Backbone network is 40 Gb/s Infiniband (4x QDR).

Application. Distributed, OpenMP and MPI type computations can use requested amount of nodes in Linux environment. Virtual computer resources are provided by KVM virtualization. Computing time allocation unit is 1 hour of 1 computing node.