Molėtai Astronomical Observatory 1.65 m telescope

Molėtai Astronomical Observatory 1.65 m telescope

Sukurta: 22 September 2020
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: telescope; observations of stars; photometric observations; Ritchey-Chrétien system; echelle fiber optics spectrograph
Responsible person: Dr. Šarūnas Mikolaitis, phone + 370 5 2234669,

The telescope is designed for high-resolution spectroscopic, photometric and asteroseismic stellar observations.


Main technical characteristics:

1.65 m mirror diameter Ritchey-Chrétien telescope. Remote control option installed. Spectroscopic observations are performed with an echelle fiber optics spectrograph (spectral range from 400 to 880 nm; resolution 30000, 45000 and 60000; light detector e2V CCD 231-84, 4Kx4K with -94 C operating temperature). Photometric observations are performed with CCD camera E2V CCD47-10, 1024x1024, pixel size 13 microns; U, B and V filters.


1. Determination of stellar atmospheric parameters and chemical composition.
2. Monitoring of exoplanet transits.
3. Observations of stellar variability and asteroseismic activity.
4. Measurements of stellar radial velocities.


Applications for observing time are accepted on the website:

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