31/51 cm Maksutov-system Molėtai Astronomical Observatory telescope

Sukurta: 22 September 2020
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Maksutov-system telescope; observations of stars; CCD camera; search of asteroids and comets; photometry of stars
Responsible person: Dr. Šarūnas Mikolaitis, phone + 370 5 2234669,

The telescope is designed for photometric and asteroseismic observations of stars, searches and observations of asteroids and comets.

Main technical characteristics: 31/51 cm Maksutov-system telescope. Remote control option installed. Photometric observations are performed with CCD camera E2V CCD47-10, 1024x1024, image element size 13 microns, filters of Vilnius system and U, B, and V.


1. Search and observations or asteroids and comets.
2. Monitoring of exoplanet transits.
3. Observations of stellar variability and asteroseismic activity.
4. Stellar photometry.


Applications for observing time are accepted on the website:

More information: http://mao.tfai.vu.lt/sci/en/for-scientist/telescopes/

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