Four point probe resistance measurements

Four point probe resistance measurements

Sukurta: 26 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Resistance, sheet resistance, bulk resistance

Sheet resistance and bulk resistance measurements. A constant current is applied to two probes and the potential on the other two central probes. The measured data can be transferred and saved in to computer.

It is ideal for small, various shape samples with flat surface. It is possible to perform measurements at low (liquid nitrogen temperature). It is possibile to perform I-V curve measurements.
Current source range: 1 nA – 20 mA.
Sample size: max 2 cm × 2 cm;
Measurement materials: All semiconductors including Si SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaN, InP, GaN (n type and p type);
Resistivity measurement range: 10-4 – 107 Ω∙cm;
Mobility measurement range: 1 – 107 cm2/V∙s;
Bulk carrier concentration measurement range: 107 – 1021 cm-3;
Other measurement types: conductivity, magnetoresistance, Hall coefficient, V/H ratio of resistance. 

Application. Applicable in silicon, germanium materials and microelectronics.

Contacts: Dr. Vitalijus Bikbajevas, tel. +37060034126,