Inorganic / organic technology and their spectrometry

Inorganic / organic technology and their spectrometry

Sukurta: 27 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Spectrometry, organic compounds spectrometry, inorganic compounds spectrometry, light source characterization, solar cell characterization, TOF, CELIV, photo- CELIV, i-CELIV, DoI, FET

Research of the photoelectric properties of organic and amorphous inorganic layers.

Charge carrier transfer studies: determination of load mobility and its dependence on the strength of electric field and temperature, determination of prevailing recombination mechanism, lifetime measurements, determination of charge carrier's adhesion influence on transfer properties using TOF, CELIV, photo-CELIV, i-CELIV, DoI, FET methodology. Characterization of solar cells, oFET and organic light emitting diodes.

Application. The test of using organic materials in solar cells, field effect transistors and light emitting diodes. Determination of major parameters of transfer in inorganic amorphous semiconductors. 


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