Femtosecond laser microfabrication

Femtosecond laser microfabrication

Sukurta: 27 November 2018
Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Laser micro-fabrication, femtosecond laser, Pharos, Aerotech, media drilling, metal mask formation

The service is performed with the femtosecond laser microfabrication set. It consists of a Pharos femtosecond laser and the Aerotech large motion five-coordinate precision positioning module using a unique set of measurement and diagnostics.

Properties of the laser: central wavelength is 1030 nm. The integrated harmonic module provides:
515 nm (maximum second harmonic conversion efficiency is 59 %);
343 nm (maximum third harmonic conversion efficiency is 29 %);
257 nm (maximum fourth harmonic conversion efficiency is 5 %).
Maximum average power is P = 20 W.
Pulse energy Eimp>400 μJ at 1-5 kHz frequency range. Pulse duration is τ < 300 fs.
Beam quality: M2 < 1.3.
Beam ellipticity > 0.99. (0.99 at P = 1 W and 610kHz).

Aerotech positioning module. The system is assembled on a granitic plate with control electronics and appropriate software. Technical positioning parameters:
1) X axis (ABL1500WB): maximum motion is 300 mm, speed 2 m/s.
2) Y axis (ABL1500): maximum motion is 300 mm, speed 2 m/s.
3) Z axis (ABL15020): maximum motion 200 mm, speed 2 m/s, accuracy ± 0.5 μm.
Technical parameters of rotating axes (ANT130-R):
1) Diameter of the rotating part is 125 mm, accuracy ± 3 arc sec, resolution 0.9 μrad.
2) Diameter of the rotating part is 120 mm, accuracy ± 5 arc sec, resolution 0.01 μrad.
Total motion of rotating axes: ± 360°. The system also has a two-axis beam control system for 1030 nm wavelength radiation with 10 m /s positioning speed and 1.5 m/s marking speed. There is also an integrated focal tracking system and a computer with installed software for the management of 2-axes beam control and 5-axes sample positioning systems.

Application. Transparent media drilling, metal mask formation, etc.


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