Metal layer formation by magnetron sputtering

Metal layer formation by magnetron sputtering

Sukurta: 28 November 2018
Unit: Life Sciences Center
Keywords: Sputter deposition, thin films, gold, chromium

Desing of surface plasmon resonance and quartz microbalance sensors optimization for user applications and fabrication.

Magnetron sputtering of different metal layers gold, silver, chromium, titaniu, copper and other targets onto various user provided (ordered) substrates. 99.99% metal targets are used. Thickness of layers from 1 to 1000 nm. Sputtered object - max 80 mm diameter circle. Surface of sputtered layers may be modified by organic substances, including biotine, or other bioactive substances (e.g. antibodies) for further functionalization. |Complex geometries may be fabricated on dielectric, metal and semiconducting substrates inlcuding samples provided by the user.

Application. Vacuum magnetronic formation of metal (chrome and gold) layers (coats) of controlled thickness under controlled pressure (vacuum) conditions.

Contacts. Dr. Tadas Ragaliauskas, tel. +370 5 223 4401,