Measurements and research using femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser complex

Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Femtosecond laser system, Ti:sapphire, non-linear optics, teraherz radiation, laser damage threshold test, testiong of optical devices, fiber optic spectrograph

The whole or a part of facility can be used (depending on the kind of study). Facility consists of: 1) Femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser system. The system generates radiation of 800 nm central wavelength. Pulse energy at 1kHz repetition rate is 10 mJ. Duration of pulse is ̴ 40 fs.

2) Tunable parametric amplifiers for visible and IR spectral range. Spectral range of radiation is from 235nm to 9000 nm. Maximum sum energy of signal and idler pulse is >3000 μJ at 1500 nm wavelength,
3) Femtosecond pulses duration meter APE PulseCheck 15 ShortPulse. 20 - 1000 fs laser pulse duration can be measured in spectral range from 410 to 2000 nm, using variable optical sets. There is the ability to measure 20-50 fs duration pulses with FROG technique in 700-900 nm spectral range.
4) Fiber optic spectrograph.
5) Unique set of equipment and diagnostic.

Application. Studies of laser radiation and mater interaction, research of nonlinear optical processes, generation of THz radiation, laser damage threshold tests and testing of commercial nonlinear optical devices.

Contacts: Rimantas Grigonis, tel. +37068611234, ; Rytis Butkus, tel.+37060899327,