Lithuanian governmental and non– governmental organizations

Lithuanian governmental and non– governmental organizations

Sukurta: 19 December 2018
Keywords: History of ministry, history of institution or state owned enterprise, history of public organization, history of department or unit, history of post, history of bank, history of municipality, and history of courts.

The team develops studies of the Lithuanian governmental institutions.

Research group activities

Recently, studies of historical development of the Lithuanian governmental institutions have been successfully developed at faculty of history at Vilnius university.Conducted historical studies of the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior and State control have revealed reality of historical context and depth structural changes of institution organizational development.Looking forward to the 100th Anniversary of Lithuanian Republic, scientist group of New history department at faculty of History is ready to take new research challenges in research field of history of institutions. Therefore, we could use our great experience, knowledge of nucleus historical resources, potential of scien-ti fi c expertise empower us to develop and complete research of institutions birth, genesis and development, for instance in the year 1918 nine ministries and almost 300 subsystems units of Lithuanian administrational – territorial organization begun their work, Lithuanian banking, postal and court organizations were created. Functional activity of mentioned organizations is marked by different aspects of traditions and experiences, challenges and influences. Scientists group of New history department tackles these issues with high professionalism through science based analysis and evaluation.



Scientists of the History faculty are keen on conducting research of various Lithuanian governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and enterprises, departments and units. It is possible to make research in many different topics, scientific problems and organizations (ministries, municipaliti es, schools and educational organizations, banks, posts, courts, delegations,

departments, commissions, etc.) Scientists are able to reveal historical development from oldest times to these days. We are looking for partners, which are interested in preparation of professional historical study, conference, presentation or exhibition of the institution, enterprise or unit.


Meet our team

Lead researcher

Prof. Dr. Zenonas Butkus

Team members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Algirdas Jakubčionis

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Bukelevičiūtė

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saulius Kaubrys

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ryšard Gaidis

All scientists have professional expertise and knowledge of special historical period and problems.

Research outcomes

Scientists of the History faculty prepared two collective monographs, „The history of Interior affairs of Lihuania“ (rev. N.Sepetys) in 2008 and „The history of State control“ (authors: D.Bukeleviciutė, S. Kaubrys, A. Jakubcionis, R. Gaidis, R. Smigelskytė- Stukienė ). Members of scientific team constantly participate in various scientific projects, conduct research according to requests of different institutions, media, radio, television companies and publishing houses. Scientists of the New history department are in permanent cooperation and relation with Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (prepared and published four numbers of periodical scientific journal „The heritage of

Lithuanian statehood“) and Ministry of foreign affairs of Lithuania (in preparing exhibitions, publishing dossier of documents, identifying importance of Lithuanian historical documents which

are founded in foreign countries). Members of research team are in constant cooperation with other historical and memory research centres, scientific institutions and museums in Lithuania.



In a process of institutional historical research, firstly we use historical documents which are stored in archive of organizations, afterwards in Central archive of Lithuanian government and Archive of Parliament; we also search for and use documents of private archives and collections. We could also use interview method, questioning former personnel of institution or people who could possess important information.


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