Lithuanian literature and culture studies

Lithuanian literature and culture studies

Sukurta: 19 December 2018
Keywords: History of Lithuanian literature, Early Modern intellectual and political thought, Reformation, comparative studies in literature, contemporary Lithuanian literature, children’s literature.

The main group activities are transformations of the processes of literature and culture in Lithuania from the 16th century to the modern period.

Research group activities

Intellectual and religious thought history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; the development of the Prussian Lithuania’s literature as well as the aspects of the religious and political thought in the culture of the 16th – 18th century. A particular attention is given to the research on the Reformation, conceived as the most significant origin of the modern intellectual society. From this perspective, the religious protestant polemic and the role of the Italian religious dissidents in the Lithuanian Reformation history are analysed. The writings of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania are analysed from the perspecti ve of the statehood and history of civil society’s ideas.

The development of the Lithuanian fiction literature in Lithuanian and other languages (Polish, Yiddish, etc.) in the 19th – 20th c. The problems lying within the cultural relationship between the national culture and the multicultural society, as well as the development of poetry and prose are explored from the perspective of literature anthropology, phenomenology, and literature theology.

The processes of the contemporary Lithuanian literature, Lithuanian children literature, Lithuanian dramaturgy. The latter are analysed while concentrating on the aspects of the post-totalitarian society’s social and aesthetic development, the peculiarities of the cultural identity of the Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the links between literature and other cultural media.



We are experts in the transformation of the processes of literature and culture in Lithuania from the 16th century to the modern period, comparative literature, religious controversy, social and political thought, multiculturalism and national peculiarities of Lithuanian literature. Our interests are concentrated on analysis of the Lithuanian literature and culture processes considering them as a part of East-central European area (Baltic states, Poland, Czech Republic and others) as well as analysing their interactions with the West European cultural dynamics. Scholars of this research group are seeking for partnership with similar groups in academic institutions to compare findings, broaden and internationalize scope of the analysis.


Meet our team

Prof. Dr. Dainora Pociūtė

Department of Lithuanian Literature, Faculty of Philology. An active international scholar in early modern intellectual history, Reformati on and Counter-Reformati on, religious controversy, Italian religious dissidents movements in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland. Author of numerous studies and monographs and head of the critical publications of Monumenta Reformationis Lithuanicae.

Other members

Prof. Dalia Čiočytė – Literature and theology

Prof. Darius Kuolys - Literature and politics

Prof. Mindaugas Kvietkauskas - Urban literature and multiculturalism

Prof. Audinga Peluritytė-Tikuišienė - Contemporary and comparative literature

Prof. Brigita Speičytė - 19th century literature

Prof. Regimantas Tamošaitis - 20th century Lithuanian prose fiction

Prof. Rita Tutlytė - 20th century Lithuanian poetry

Prof. Kęstutis Urba - Children’s literature

PhD student Neringa Klišienė – Drama

PhD Saulė Matulevičienė - Literature and folklore

Research outcomes

  •  Established collaboration with state agencies acting in the field of culture and education areas.
  •  An active engagement in cultural and literal media.


  • Annual volume of research papers Literatūra
  • International editorial project Monumenta Reformationis Lithuanicae
  • Studies and monographs


  • 2017 Visiting Professorship at University of Padua (Italy)
  • 2015 Order of the Star of Italy – Officer (L’Ordine della Stella d’Italia – Ufficiale).
  • 2015 Sciex Junior Research Fellowship (Switzerland, University of Fribourg)
  • 2013 Senior Fellowship at Leibnitz-Institute für Europäische Geschichte (IEG, Germany)
  • 2013 Research Fellowship in Masaryk university (Chech Republic, Brno)
  • 2010 Swiss Baltic Net program Fellowship, Gebert Rüf Foundation of Switzerland (Switzerland, University of Fribourg)
  • 2008 Andrew Mellone Fellowship (Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (Italy, Florence).



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