Research of Contemporary Perceptual Dialectology

Research of Contemporary Perceptual Dialectology

Sukurta: 19 December 2018
Keywords: Perceptual Dialectology, Perceptual Isogloss, Dialect Competence, Regional Variant, Standard Language, Dialect Perception, Mental Map of Dialects, Language Attitudes, Linguistic Homeland.

The group focuses on strategies offered by perceptual dialectology, which allows the formation of the generalized image of the dialectal discourse and the identification of the perceptual isoglosses that mark the boundaries of the dialect continuum in the consciousness of the native speakers and appraisers.

Research group activities

Scientific group offers strategy, which allows to descriptively forecast the dialect viability and radiati on areas; it helps to descriptively identify the development and alternati on tendencies of Standard language. Moreover, the complex analysis of verbalized and visualized attitudes is more valuable since the “hot variety points” are identified objectively (i.e. both verbalized nomination and a marked location on the map). The weaknesses of linguistic awareness and variety threats might be discovered objectively. From the educational perspective, such data may serve for linguistic education and language planning perspectives.



Research group works and offers its expertise within these research topics:

  • exploration of dialect competence on the basis of the methodological instrumentarium of perceptual dialectology;
  • conceptualisation of the image of the linguistic homeland;
  • exploration of the aesthetic values (attitudes of ordinary language estimators);
  • exploration of correctness of regional variants (attitudes of ordinary language esti mators);
  • relevant features of regional variants (from the perspective of ordinary language community members);
  • conceptualising the Standard language usage regions from the point of view of the young members of the Lithuanian language community and defining the position of Standard language within the system of language variants from geolinguistic perspective;
  • conceptualisation of the problem of quasistandard.


Meet our team

Lead researcher

Prof. Dr. Daiva Aliūkaitė

PhD student

PhD student Erika Merkytė-Švarcienė


Research outcomes

The researchers have presented the results of their research on the mental map, relevant features of the regional variants, geolinguistic competence, etc. in more than 40 articles. The team members have delivered more than 40 papers at national and international conferences, congresses, symposiums both in Lithuania and abroad (Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Cyprus). Two years ago the team members implemented the project The Position of Standard Language in the Mental Map of the Lithuanian Language (funded by the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language Research Programme for the Development of Standard Lithuanian, Its Dialects and Other Varieties 2011–2020).



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