Explorations of social gender manifestations in the society

Explorations of social gender manifestations in the society

Sukurta: 11 January 2019
Keywords: Gender in organizations (motivation, communication, etc.), professions (arts, science, etc.), economic sectors (public, private), and cultural/creative industries; Lithuanian women’s movement, women’s activities in emigration.

The group focuses on manifestations and effects of social gen­der in different organizational, professional, economic (including different industries) and historical contexts.


Research group activities 

The group focuses on manifestations and effects of social gen­der in different organizational, professional, economic (including different industries) and historical contexts. The research is based on the conviction that understanding of gender related phenomena in the society (and, indeed, dissemination of the knowledge) can contribute to development and improvement of various processes not only in the organizations (e.g. creation gender friendly procedures causing both social and economic ad­vantages), but also in entire society (e.g. to bring more tolerance, mutual understanding, etc.). Increase in gender sensibility and gender awareness in the society can lead to more sustainable development of a country.



For academic community: Professional cooperation in research (projects, studies, publications) and related activities (e.g. events, public lectures, etc.) in field of exploration and proclamation of gender issues. Also the team is ready for participation in HORIZON2020 calls and activities.

For public and private organizations: Consultations, education, research, publication, etc. on gender issues related topics.

Some ideas where the scientific group utilizes its expertise:

  • Analyzing manifestations and effects of social gender in development of and exploiting creativity and innovations in different organizational, professional, economic and industrial contexts;
  • Analyzing peculiarities of gender dimension in professional motivation in different organizational and economic contexts and provide consulting for public and private organizations striving to develop/improve motivational systems.
  • Developing tools for management of gender issues in differ­ent organizations and adopt them for actual organizations operating in different sectors of economics and cultural/cre­ative industries.
  • Exploring women’s movements and evaluate women’s con­tribution to strengthening national identities in Lithuania and abroad in different periods (the cold war period, the post-so­viet period, etc.).


Meet our team


Prof. dr. Virginija Jurėnienė’s research field covers Lithuanian women’s movements in different historical periods, women’s status in labor market and women’s activism on international arena, including in emigration.

Assoc. prof. dr. Aistė Urbonienė is interested in the expression of professional motivation from the gender perspective in the educational system.

Assoc. prof. dr. Aurelija Novelskatė’s research field embraces gender dimensions of organizational practices and professional groups (e.g. medical professions, researchers, etc.) in a post-soviet context.

Assoc. prof. dr. Ilona Kiaušienė has experience in various research related to sustainable development, women’s and men’s status in the labour market.



Research outcomes

The team members have presented results of their explorations of manifestations of gender in several monographs and scientific studies, number of papers in national and international scientific journals and volumes. They also acted as lead researchers and researchers in national and international projects funded by such national institutions as Lithuanian Research Council, Ministry of Education and Science and such international programs as FP6, FP7, Nordic EE Programme. Additionally, the team members have acted as experts developing national level legal documents (e.g. strategy on women’s and equal opportunities in science). They take active part in educational activities giving talks and writing papers for the national mass media.



The group has experience and expert knowledge in carrying out historical, sociological, educational studies employing both qualitative and quantitative techniques, applying statistical methods for quantitative data analysis and narrative, discourse, etc. methods in researching versatile of gender manifestations in everyday social practices and in historical contexts.




Prof. Virginija Jurėnienė

Kaunas Faculty of vilnius University

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More about the faculty: http://www.knf.vu.lt/en


Department for Research and Innovation

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More information: https://www.vu.lt/verslui/


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