Cultural industries and innovativeness

Cultural industries and innovativeness

Sukurta: 11 January 2019
Keywords: Communication, creative class, creative industries, cultural heritage, cultural policy, gender studies, innovativeness, innovation, social media, tourism

The group carries out research on creative industries and their influence on organizational and national competitiveness as well as individual, social and national identity and image making.


Research group activities

This group's research focuses on reputation management in social media, peculiarities of communication management for branding of companies, cities and states. Another aspect of their research encompasses the impact of cultural diversity on organizational innovativeness and its outcomes such as artistic innovations or cultural enterprises. Cultural diversity is approached both from organizational and communities (countryside and urban, communities of practice in organizations) perspectives. This gains momentum considering the recent social issues of immigrant flows to Europe, emigration rates from Lithuania and cultural activities of Lithuanian diaspo­ras worldwide. From a diversity perspective, women studies con­stitute a specific area of the group‘s research. The group plans to provide research-informed advice to public bodies on economic (innovation), cultural and migration policy development.

The group is interdisciplinary: its members have background in arts, educology, history, management, philosophy, psychology and sociology which provides complimentary competences and synergy. In addition, the researchers cooperate with Informatics department of the Faculty, Gender Centre at Vilnius University, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, etc.



The researchers seek partners for Horizon2020 Science with and for Society, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange funding schemes, COST activities, HERA and other international cooperation in research and educational projects. We have experience in leading and partnering in international projects such as FP7, FP6.

We offer consultancy, training and related studies on:

  • innovation development and innovativeness, improvement of management and marketing activities, entrepreneurial skills, leadership to cultural organizations (e.g. culture centres, arts galleries, theatres etc.),
  • cultural heritage and tourism management, cultural policy development to public and non-governmental organizations,
  • reputation management in social media to creative industries organizations.

Moreover, the members specialising in arts management have extensive professional experience in arts criticism, exhibition and festival curating, social media and marketing.



Meet our team


Prof. Dr. V. Jurėnienė  - History

Prof. Dr. V. Vitkienė -  Arts

Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Novelskaitė -  Sociology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Pučėtaitė -  Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Rimkutė – Philosophy

Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Urbonienė – Educology

Assist. Prof. Dr. I. Griesienė – Management

D. Tomkevičienė - Psychology, creativity

D. Jankauskaitė - Doctoral student

R.A. Medeišienė -  Doctoral student

Radzevičius - Doctoral student

G.Vilutytė - Doctoral student

I. Vitkauskaitė - Doctoral student

R. Žemaitytė - Doctoral student, innovation

S. Jurėnė - Creative clusters, cities and innovation



Research outcomes

The group members are authors and co-authors of 7 monographs, a number of book chapters published by international publishing houses, articles in international peer-reviewed journals, biographical dictionary, book reviews and translations etc. The lead researcher appears on TV shows on national history, women’s movement, and cultural heritage. She actively disseminates the knowledge at culture centres, women’s associations, and municipalities. Her social activities have won the awards of the best University teacher in Kaunas city municipality in 2011 and the commemorative medal of Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė “Serve Lithuania” in 2014. The members closely cooperate with national cultural organizations (e.g. National Kaunas drama the­atre, Kaunas Philharmonic Society, art galleries Balta and Meno parkas, etc.), creative industries companies and professionals (e.g. co-working hub of creative professions Talent Garden Kaunas) as well as related organizations abroad (The Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Helsinki, Clubture Network in Zagreb (Croatia), Reial Cercle Artistic Institut Barselones d’Art in Barcelona (Spain), civil organization ARTIKAL, the creators of About and around curating educational program in Serbia, etc.)




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