Business development

Business development

Sukurta: 11 January 2019
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, innovation, value-added creation, competitiveness, international business management, human resource management, consumer behaviour, marketing communication, business environment

The research group is focused on innovation management, strategic organizational development, business environment, consumer behaviour, human resource management.


Research group activities

The research group is interested in few important entrepreneur­ial development levels: human resource management, strategic organizational development, innovation management, business environment, consumer behaviour. All the above mentioned areas of research are related to the paradigm of sustainable busi­ness development by assessing current and future challenges, solutions of global organizations and local business management.



  • Research on small and medium-sized business organizations and public organizations and consulting on business devel­opment: innovation management, entrepreneurship models, human resource management techniques, marketing commu­nication and business promotion measures.
  • Searching for organizations that cooperate with researchers during their studies and fulfill both staff and customer surveys under the topics of business development.
  • Lectures and seminars for business organizations on business development.
  • Create the instruments of competitiveness analysis for busi­nesses
  • Develop the valuation model of employer’s trademark for the participants of labour market;
  • Introduce the expatriation management model;
  • Present business development platform through integrated marketing communications;
  • Initiate the instrument for evaluation of entrepreneurship promotion;
  • Design an evaluation system of innovation, strategic thinking, and intelligent risk factors.


Meet our team

Lead researcher

Prof. Dr. Edmundas Jasinskas


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ingrida Šarkiūnaitė

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vilma Tamulienė

Phd students

Dovilė Ročkė

Indrė Ščiukauskė

Ieva Vitkauskaitė

Antanas Ūsas


Research outcomes

  • Prof. dr. E. Jasinskas has more than 10 years’ experience, works in journal editorial boards, as well as an expert in scien­tific projects and peer-reviewed articles. Scientific interests: national and corporate competitiveness; neuroeconomics - neuromarketing; management of knowledge and innovation; state support for business.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. I. Šarkiūnaitė has more than 15 years’ expe­rience, as well as works as Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs, takes part in editorial boards of scientific journals, peer-re­viewed articles. Scientific interests: human resource manage­ment, social aspects of IT.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Tamulienė has more than 10 years’ ex­perience, participates in scientific projects, peer-reviewed articles. Scientific interests: consumer behaviour, marketing communication.
  • PhD student D. Ročkė is currently preparing a doctoral thesis focused on the expatriation management at individual and organizational level. Scientific interests: international human resource management, expatriation and repatriation process­es.
  • PhD student I. Ščiukauskė is currently preparing a doctoral thesis dealing with the effect of the employer’s brand label­ling on organizations. Scientific interests: human resource management, the employer’s brand.




Prof. dr. Edmundas Jasinskas

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