Charge and size measurement device for colloids and nanoparticles - Zetasizer Nano S

Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Colloid nanoparticle, colloids, nanoparticles, Zetasizer, Nano-S
Responsible person: Dr. Karolis Kazlauskas, tel. +370 600 34126,

Dynamic light scattering system for colloid nanoparticle hydrodynamic radius and charge measurements with the temperature control range of 0 - 90 ºC.

Colloid nanoparticle size range - from 0.6 to 5000 nm. One sample can be measured at a time.
Minimal sample volume - 15 µL.
Temperature control range from 0 ºC to 90 ºC.

Application. Colloid nanoparticle size measurements by dynamic light scattering method (from 0.6 nm to 5000 nm).


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