UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 with integrating sphere

Unit: Faculty of Physics
Keywords: Spectrophotometer, Perkin Elmer, Lambda 950, UV-VIS-NIR, fluorescence, phosphorescence, absorbance, transmittance, reflectance spectra
Responsible person: Dr. Karolis Kazlauskas, tel. +370 600 34126,

High precision system for sample absorbance, transmittance and reflectance spectra measurements.

Spectral range from 175 nm to 3300 nm;
Spectra resolution up to ≤0.05 nm;
Wavelength Reproducibility ≤0.08 nm;
Photometric Range: 8A in Vis, 6A in NIR;
Photometric stability ≤0.0002 A/h;
Beam heigth 3 - 12 mm.

Application. Measurements of absorption, fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra of organic compounds. Determination of singlet and triplet energy levels. Measurements of reflectance spectra of highly scattering samples.


1348x899 Lambda 1050

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