Intellectual property and innovations

Innovation Office at Research and Innovation department of Vilnius University is responsible for:

  • Consulting of university researchers about:
    • Invention disclosure and registration
    • Protection and patenting of intellectual property
    • Commercialization of research results, licensing
    • Scientific research services, collaborative research
    • Establishment of start up and spin off companies
    • Establishment and services of Open Access Centres (research infrastructure)
  • Collaboration with Business in the fields of scientific research and innovations development


More information:

Kristina Babelytė-Labanauskė, Head of the Office
Phone: +370 5 2687017
Sauletekio av. 9, room 703


Dalia Lukšienė, Innovations manager
Phone: +370 5 268 7006
Sauletekio av. 9, room 702A
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Jūratė Semeškaitė, Innovations manager
Phone: +370 5 268 7005
Sauletekio av. 9, room 702
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