Applicability and Commercialization of R&D Results

Applicability and Commercialization of R&D Results

Sukurta: 23 January 2020

The success of research-driven solutions and their commercialization depends on the novelty of an idea, its originality, maturity of R&D solution, as well as on information about the customer or the user of the R&D based solution / product / technology, current competitive environment, market trends, etc. However, the ability to apply advanced solution for the end-user or commercialize R&D-based solution does not require your entrepreneurial skills or your accumulated business management experience. University's Innovation Office will offer possible ways to commercialize your R&D solution in compliance with the needs of the market and society, while suggesting improvements or designing offers for new services, products and technologies.

Vilnius University has acquired access to specialized databases*, with the help of which, according to the information you have provided about your solution, technology or invention, colleagues of the Innovation Office may suggest university researchers and students:

  • patent analysis 
  • market overview.

If a patent analysis and/or a market overview is necessary to assess application or commercialization possibilities of your solution, please, contact Innovation Office at


* Activities are implemented under the project “Promotion Entrepreneurship Culture at Vilnius University” financed by the EU Structural Funds (01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-04-0006)