University Life

University Life

Sukurta: 11 November 2019

University life primarily encompasses studies and education. But there is more to it than this.
You will also acquire a certain set of values based on the freedom of thought, diversity of opinions, openness to ideas, mutual respect, trust, academic ethics and tolerance.

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How can you contribute to the University life and feel the actual pulse of it? You should definitely join some events that have already become the University’s tradition: on 1 September every year, Vilnius is rocked by the University students and lecturers marching on the Gediminas Avenue towards the old University campus. Faculties host days full of exciting events, and the University’s beloved “pet”, the legendary Dinas Zauras, invites physicists and philologists to the Day of Physicists (FiDi) on the first Saturday of April every year.

Would you like to take part in student self-government? Do you know which is one of the most advanced and active communities in Vilnius University? A community within a community that fosters the values of self-governance, civic courage and innovation. An organisation representing students and protecting their interests. It is the Students’ Representation at the University known as VUSA – Vieningai Už Studentų Ateitį! (Unanimously for the Future of Students!).

Are you physically active and want to participate in sports? In this case, you will find a great sports base and many opportunities for joining sports and other health events in University. Health and Sport Centre invites you to take part in various kinds of physical activities: students participate in the annual interfaculty competition for Rector's Prize, take part in Health day events, European Week of Sport „BeActive“ events, various trainings and group activities.

zygeiviaiAre you interested in free time activities in the University? There are plenty of various and unexpected ways to spend your free time here: Kendo lovers meet at their club; l enthusiasts of travelling keep conquering the tangible geographical peaks as well as the invisible mountains of self-awareness at Hikers’ Club; dance lovers can pursue their passion in lindyhop lessons, etc.

Do you love nature? Then you are always welcome at Vilnius University Botanical Garden as you can always find some of the plants blooming here. By taking advantage of the latest technology, each plant has been assigned a QR code, thus, you can learn about the great variety of research objects under the names of tulips, lilacs, rhododendrons or currants. Concerts, entertainment activities and educational tours that take place here are all designed for you to enjoy and please your heart.

Are you interested in history? Those who are not afraid of heights are invited to visit the bell tower of the Church of St. Johns. Take the elevator or the ancient stairs to get to the viewpoint to see a particularly scenic Vilnius – take selfies to your heart’s desire.

Would you like to dance, sing, act or play music? Come, join, participate and get on stage. Various music collectives already labelled as Vilnius University brands – Minimum, Virgo, Ratilio, Gaudeamus, Oktava, Veni Gaudere – are waiting for you. Do you know the meaning of these collectives names? Decades-long pedagogical and musical work lies behind each and every artistic collective. You are also welcome in the Gospel Choir that follows its own musical rhythm. Whenever you hear organ jazz in the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University, be aware that is the Unda Maris Studio rehearsing, which, like all the University artistic collectives, is open to students, staff and alumni.

Are you alumni? Friedly and business relations are the most precious asset, thus, the University is steadily expanding its alumni network:


University life is like a flowing river that you cannot stop. And these are not only mere words – there are at least 4-5 different events taking place every day at the University that are intended for the community, Vilnius and Lithuania: conferences, seminars, presentations and exhibitions. All this is the life of the University and its community, and the colours of the University’s everyday life depend on all of its members – students, staff, lecturers and alumni.