Centre of Information Technology Development

Centre of Information Technology Development

Sukurta: 17 September 2013

9 Saulėtekio, LT-10222 Vilnius
Tel. 236 62 01

Director – Marijus Jurgutis

VU Centre of Information Technology Development (CITD) was founded in 1963 as a part of the former Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Since 1980, CITD is an independent unit of Vilnius University and is located in a specialized building in Saulėtekis Student Campus. Nowadays the main trends of CITD activities are University networking and development of information systems. VU computer network operates as LITNET (Lithuanian Academic and Research Computer Network) technical centre, and there are approximately 4100 computers connected into this network. In addition, more then 60 higher education establishments, other educational, research, cultural and health care institutions are using the facilities of VU computer network. CITD staff members are doing their best to provide central networking services to the VU community. They keep working on administration, managing and development of the University computer network, network security, maintenance and development of the Internet services such as DNS, electronic mail, WWW and VoIP, supervision of computer technique and local computer networks, arranging computerized classrooms. CITD staff members are providing training and consultations to staff users. Main areas of activities are the following ones:

  • Management and development of the student information system, including admission, the alumni records, and study unit courses, study programs, accommodation.
  • Management and development of the staff, scientific research and publication databases.
  • Management of the finance and estate information systems.
  • Development and management of alumni and career service.
  • Implementation and support for the library information services.
  • Coordination and support to users of the administrative and Library information systems internal and external reports.
  • Client software installation and maintenance for administrative systems.
  • Oracle 8i/9i database administration, Oracle IAS administration.

The staff members of CITD are working closely with the state program Information Technologies for Science and Studies (LITMIS). They also participated in the sub-programs dealing with the formation of the Lithuanian Academic Libraries Network (LABT) and Lithuanian Scientific Research  Data Archyve (MIDAS). Since 1999, CITD has been developing and maintaining the information system for common admission to Lithuanian Universities. During several past years the staff of CITD took part in workshops and conferences in different countries: Germany, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, USA, Canada, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, and Malaysia. The staff of CITD has a possibility of improving the competence in Information System design and development during their visits to universities of Denmark, Germany, Holland, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.