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Useful address if you are using Google Maps:
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences, Faculty of Mathematic and Informatics: 24 Naugarduko, Vilnius
  • Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Physics: 9 Saulėtekio alėja, Vilnius
  • Faculty of History: 7 Universiteto, Vilnius
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences: 21 M. K. Čiurlionio, Vilnius
  • Faculty of Medicine: 21/27 M.K. Čiurlionio, Vilnius
  • Institute of International Relations and Political Science: 10 Vokiečių, Vilnius
  • Faculty of Philology, Institute of Foreign Languages: 5 Universiteto, Vilnius
  • Faculty of Philosophy: 9/1 Universiteto, Vilnius
  • Kaunas Faculty: 8 Muitinės, Kaunas
  • Domitory of Sauletekis: 39 Saulėtekio alėja
  • Domitory of Olandu: 51 Olandu
  • Student s‘ Representation: 3 Universiteto, Vilnius
  • Migration Office: Naugarduko 100, Vilnius
  • Bus Station: 22 Sodų, Vilnius
  • Train Station: 16 Geležinkelio, Vilnius
  • Airport: 10 Rodūnios kelias, Vilnius
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