Academic Pastoral Care

Academic Pastoral Care

Sukurta: 20 November 2019

Following its Jesuit tradition, Vilnius University keeps cooperating with the Jesuits who foster a distinctive kind of spirituality called cura personalis (personal care for each person individually).

Vilnius University chaplain and assistants provide spiritual counselling and support. The University chaplain can be addressed with regard to the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Marriage or Confirmation, as well as in case of loss.

The Chapel of the priest Alfonsas Lipniūnas has been founded in the Church of St Johns. It includes a chaplain's office and pastoral care space for the University community. This pastoral space is for the University students, lecturers and staff. Spiritual support is also provided in the psychological counselling room at the Faculty of Physics (Saulėtekio al. 9, Vilnius).

Vilnius University Chaplain invites to attend church services, prayer groups, evenings of recollection and concerts. Find out more about the news and events at the Church of St Johns.