Artistic Collectives

Artistic Collectives

Sukurta: 20 November 2019

All members of the community – students, staff and alumni – are welcome to Vilnius University ensembles, choirs, theatre groups and orchestras. Vilnius University Centre of Culture unites 11 art groups. Lovers of folklore, choral singing and drama are also invited to join three artistic groups at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty.


Ratilio 1

Folk music group Jaunimėlis is an energetic and jolly ensemble with the repertoire of music and dance that are characteristic of different regions and periods of Lithuania. In addition, the always young members of the ensemble tend to involve their audiences into the whirlpool of their performances, encouraging them to play music, sing or dance together.

Folk ensemble Ratilio is a youthful collective that fosters traditional culture. Here everyone, who deeply enjoys sincere old folk songs, jolly dances and sounds of traditional instruments, feels great regardless of whether they are newcomers or experienced performers.

Song and Dance Ensemble is one of the most famous Lithuanian collectives known for its ability to combine innovation and archaic elements. Folk songs, dances and musical performances that make up the collective's programme is always adorned with professionalism and student vibes. 

Folk ensemble Uosinta and its members promote the old Lithuanian customs, songs, dances and musical traditions.


Girl choir Virgo is one of the most famous female choirs in Lithuania that gives concerts all over the world and receives numerous musical awards. The choir's repertoire includes music of various periods, from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary compositions by Lithuanian authors.

Choir Pro Musica is a mixed choir which takes part in song festivals, choir competitions and festivals, musical TV projects and also prepares large choral works and thematic programmes with other European and world universities and renowned artists; the choir is well aware of how to combine musical knowledge and entertainment.

Choir Veni Gaudere bears its name from the Latin veni gaudere that means "we have come to rejoice". This also applies to students singing in the choir.

veni gaudere

Academic mixed choir Gaudeamus is one of the oldest and most renowned Lithuanian students’ collectives, actively participating in Lithuanian and international festivals and competitions, festive University events, as well as performing concerts on various stages all over the world.

Vilnius Gospel Choir of the Church of St. Johns includes people of all ages. Members of the choir share their immense enjoyment of singing as they perform gospel music to everybody. People who love this genre of religious music are always welcome to join this choir.

Vilnius University chant school Schola Cantorum Vilnensis continues the restored activity of the first Schola Cantorum in Vilnius and Lithuania which was established in the Church of St. Johns in 1513. Both Vilnius University alumni, who are currently employed in various fields, and current students gather here to support the idea of reviving the Gregorian chant school.


OktavaWind Orchestra Oktava is a collective that regularly takes part in cultural and sports events as well as wind orchestra festivals organised at the University and in Vilnius. The music performed by the orchestra ranges from jazz to music suitable for marching through the city streets.

Chamber Orchestra emerged from a quartet and has become a large orchestra that bears the harmony of the chamber and classical music to the University life, brings together the academia and music lovers and gives concerts in the most remote villages of our country, as well as spreads its idea across the world.


Drama theatre Minimum is a university theatre group whose creative quest is essentially based on the interpretation of literary works. Both classical and contemporary plays are being created here that keep the youthful pulse of today.


Kinetic Theatre Troupe remains faithful to the traditions of post-dramatic non-verbal theatre, as well as to the attempts to stir public consciousness with absurd stage experiments. This theatre accepts the only theatre form – that of the absence of form.

Red Carpet Theatre, established at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty, every spring holds Poetry Customs in the Faculty's Linden Courtyard where everyone is invited to the readings of yet unpublished verses.

Vilnius University Classical Theatre Troupe gave their first classical performances for the pupils from entire Lithuania who took part in the Latin Language Competition and the Ancient History Contest organised by the Classical Association in cooperation with Vilnius University Faculty of Philology.

Organ Studio

Organ studio Unda Maris brings together members of the University community who adore the most sophisticated musical instrument – the actual king of all musical instruments.
Students, teachers, staff and alumni are welcome to try their hand as well as their foot at the biggest organ in Lithuania.

Important to the community

University students, staff and alumni are warmly welcome and invited to join all art groups and exploit the possibilities of artistic self-expression and take the chance to develop their creative personality.

Admission of new members is announced on the website of Vilnius University Centre of Culture and on the website of Kaunas Faculty.