Church of St. Johns

Church of St. Johns

Sukurta: 20 November 2019

After the restoration of Lithuania's independence, the Church was reconsecrated in 1991 and is serviced by the Jesuits to this day. At present, the Church, which belongs to Vilnius University, holds church services, diploma award ceremonies to the University students, concerts and other events.

Classical Music Concert Traditions at the Church of St. Johns

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Classics for All

The aim of the educational project Classics for All, which attracts the attention of many participants as well as a plenty of listeners, is to incorporate music lovers into live music, bring them closer to the treasures of classical music, unite the voices of all music lovers in one common chime and spread the ideas of creative cooperation. Classics for All is different from other concerts in that musicians, Vilnius University collectives and soloists register online, meet on a set date and after a full-day rehearsal perform the musical composition for the listeners during the evening concert.


Alma Mater Musicalis

The Lithuanian Musicians Support Fund invites you to the concert series Alma Mater Musicalis that take place every autumn and winter. In the historic Church of St. Johns on the first Monday of each month, academic youth and senior listeners will enjoy memorable and exciting encounters with well-known musicians as well as those who are only beginning their creative career.


Organ Unda Maris

The organ Unda Maris is an extremely old instrument which was transferred from Polotsk Jesuit Church to Vilnius between 1836 to 1839. Some parts of the ancient organ have survived to this day. With the help of professional craftsmen, the organ has been in use since 2000. It is the biggest organ in Lithuania.


Music Hour at the Church of St. Johns

Vilnius University Centre of Culture organises a series of concerts at the Church of St. Johns – Music Hour at the Church of St. Johns – dedicated to organ music.


Important to the community
The Church of St. Johns holds services for the University community, runs prayer groups and recollection evenings. By following this link you can learn about News and Events at the Church of St. Johns.

The Chapel of the priest Alfonsas Lipniūnas was founded in the Church of St. Johns. It contains a separate pastoral care space for the University community: students, faculty, staff and alumni.