Museums in Vilnius University

Sukurta: 20 November 2019


Vilnius University Museum

The basis of the Museum is the old University Science Museum, which was established in the Church of St. John's in 1979.

The Museum team consistently accumulates cultural, artistic, historical and scientific treasures that possess certain museum value and are related to the development of the University or reflect its activities and daily life. The Museum also organises permanent, temporary and virtual exhibitions, events reflecting the social, scientific and cultural life of Lithuania and the University (more about the history of Vilnius University Museum).

An integral part of Vilnius University Museum is the Bell Tower of Vilnius University Church of St. Johns that was built 400 years ago. It is the tallest building in the Old Town of Vilnius. On the ground floor, you can visit the exposition University and the World, and on the first floor, you can see the Foucault pendulum. At the viewpoint set up at the top of the tower, visitors can view the panorama of Vilnius from a 60-metre-height. Authentic wooden steps lead their way to the belfry viewpoint, and those who do not want to burden their feet can take the modern elevator straight to the top of the belfry.


There are also several other different kinds of museums in Vilnius University:

Natural science collections/museums (under faculties, institutes and centres)

Historical collections/museums (under faculties)

Adam Mickiewicz Museum (under Vilnius University Library)


Important to the community

Vilnius University staff may attend the museums and the Bell Tower of the Church of St. Johns free of charge.