Volunteering project Guiding Star

Volunteering project "Guiding Star": Vilnius University’s gift to Lithuania

It is a unique project operating in Vilnius, Kaunas and Šiauliai, based on an individual, long-term, stable friendship between a child and a volunteer. Vilnius University students devote part of their time to students in forms 3-6 who are currently experiencing communication or behavioural difficulties or have difficulty engaging in community life. Students and children do homework together, spend their leisure time meaningfully and safely, communicate in an informal environment, creating an equality-based relationship.


Step 1. Fill in the Application.

Step 2. Every applicant is invited to an individual motivational interview.

Step 3. The selected volunteers take part in an introductory volunteer training, which provides basic knowledge about the specifics and nature of working with children.

Step 4. Volunteering contracts are signed for the duration of at least one school year.

Step 5. Volunteers get to know the assigned children, their parents / guardians (adoptive parents).

Step 6. Volunteers responsibly and honestly conduct volunteering activities for at least two hours per week, meeting with the children throughout the school year, as well as participating in volunteer trainings and events. In case of any questions or concerns, volunteers are welcome to contact their curator or the Volunteer Activity Coordinator.




Volunteer Activity Coordinator, Community Development Department

Phone: +370 5 239 3295


9 Saulėtekio Av., Building III, Room 606 / 3 Universiteto Str., Room 108, Vilnius