Consultation and Support

Consultation and Support

Sukurta: 20 November 2019

Career and Academic Guidance

Student Affairs and Career Office at Vilnius University primarily assists students with regard to their successful integration into the study process and labour market as well as helps to develop students’ abilities to identify, analyse and independently solve problems that arise during their study process.
Various institutions and organisations of education, studies, business, etc., can also use the opportunity to receive professional guidance on study, career and job search.


Psychological Councelling

Psychological Counseling and Training Centre aims at integrating the practical application of psychology, teaching and scientific research. Vilnius University takes care of the psychological well-being of its community and constantly provides qualified psychological support. Here, experienced community psychologists can provide individual, group and family counselling services.


Studies and Disability

Vilnius University is open for students with disabilities. Read more in Studies and disability.


Financial Support

Vilnius University provides the following types of financial support to students: incentive scholarship, social scholarship, one-time social grant, one-time earmarked scholarship, nominal scholarship, as well as foreign student scholarship, PhD student scholarship and resident doctor scholarship. The procedure for granting these scholarships is determined by Vilnius University Scholarship Regulations. The University students can also apply for a loan to cover their tuition fee.
Vilnius University staff may receive support in the event of an accident or illness.