Studies and Disability

Studies and Disability

Sukurta: 04 April 2019

Vilnius University seeks to create equal opportunities to study and work for all members of the community.

Vilnius University is open and puts effort to provide appropriate study opportunities for students with a disability by:

  • providing flexible examination conditions and individualisation of the study process to meet the needs arising from a disability. At the request of the student, the Disability Affairs Coordinator prepares recommendations for the adjustment of studies to the needs arising from a disability;
  • improving the physical accessibility of the University campus;
  • providing various assistive technologies and equipment, allowing to adjust the study process to individual needs;
  • counselling students and lecturers on study accessibility matters;
  • if needed, organising seminars and other events on disability for the University community.

If you are a prospective or a current student and have a disability – including mental, autism spectrum, attention or learning impairments – that may lead to individual needs during your studies, please complete this form before the start of the semester. The Disability Affairs Coordinator will contact you to discuss how to meet your individual needs.

We encourage students with a disability to actively express their needs and let us know about them as early as possible as only through reciprocal communication we can ensure access to studies and make reasonable accommodations for full, effective and equal participation in the study process along with others.

More information about the strategy Open University for People with Disabilities and related activities can be found here.

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