Suspension or Termination of Studies

If you are considering suspending or terminating your studies

Sukurta: 19 October 2021

Suspension of Studies

Suspension of studies or academic leave are ways not to terminate studies at the University, but to temporarily suspend them. The differences between academic leave and study suspension can be seen in the chart below:

Academic Leave Suspension of Studies


Changing the Study programme

Vilnius University has more than 100 bachelor's and master's degree programs. If you feel that the study programme in which you are currently studying is not for you, consider changing the study programme at Vilnius University.

  • If you want to change the study programme in the same group of study fields, you have the opportunity to maintain your state-funded place. Read more about changing the study programme and consult an academic counsellor about opportunities in your core academic unit (faculty).
  • If you are interested in a study programme in another group of study fields, consult a career counselor and the academic counselor of the core academic unit (faculty / center / institute / school / academy) where the desired study programme is located.

If you have considered all the possibilities offered by Vilnius University and (or) used them, you can terminate your studies at the request, which must be submitted to the administration of the core academic unit (faculty / center / institute / school / academy).

Remember, if you do not come to study, do not attend lectures or take exams, the study agreement does not terminate automatically, so please settle accounts with Vilnius University so that you do not remain indebted to the University and you will not be required to fulfill financial and other obligations under the study agreement.

More information on settling accounts with the University can be found in the Procedure for Settlement of Graduates and Students with Vilnius University.

More information on academic leave and suspension or termination of studies can be found in the section Suspension, Termination and Resumption of Studies and in the Study Regulations of Vilnius University.

If you do not take advantage of one of the above options and stop or discontinue your studies, you will be able to continue or resume them.


Termination of Studies

Not rarely the desire to terminate studies is related not only to the study process but also to the social environment, the ability to combine studies and personal life or work. Vilnius University provides opportunities that can help in different situations, so review them all and discover what is right for you.