Lithuanian student identity card

Lithuanian Student Identity Card

Sukurta: 14 January 2009

All students at the Lithuanian higher education institutions from non-EU countries are required to obtain the Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC or LSP as in the Lithuanian language) although the students from EU member states are highly encouraged to do this as well. This is a list of important things to know  why an LSP card can be useful for you:

  • it is necessary for getting access to the University library services;
  • it is the best proof of your identity as a student at the University itself (especially while taking exams);
  • it gives you various discounts at theatres, cinemas, and many other services and purchases;
  • it gives you discounts for public transport in the biggest cities of Lithuania and travels between the cities and towns by buses or trains.

> Cost of your LSIC:

EUR 4.50 for 1 or 2 semesters;

EUR 12 for Bachelor degree students;

EUR 6 for Master degree students;

EUR 16 for Medicine and Odontology students. 

> Getting your LSIC:
You can register on the online LSIC system at as soon as you get your acceptance letter from Vilnius University although you will only be able to order your LSIC after the University registers your data in the system. This is usually done on the second part of August so do not worry about this beforehand.
The whole procedure of obtaining your LSIC is listed on the Vilnius University Student Representation website

> Need some help? Contact the Vilnius University Students' Representation at