Resumption of Studies

If you want to continue your studies

Sukurta: 19 October 2021

If you have been on academic leave, suspended or terminated your studies and want to return to them, you can continue or resume your studies.

Continuation of Studies

You can continue your studies after a study break or academic leave.

It is necessary to fill in the application “Request for Permission to Resume Studies (After Academic Leave / Suspension of Studies)” in the eStudent environment. It is too late to submit an application at the beginning of the semester, so it is recommended to submit it no later than 5 (five) working days before the start of the new semester. If the University needs additional information from you, the administration of the core academic unit (faculty) will contact you.

Resumption of Studies

If your studies have been terminated, there is a possibility to resume studies, but must take the initiative and inquire about the requirements for resumption of studies in the section Suspension, Termination and Resumption of Studies and in the University study regulations. Contact the administration of the Vilnius University core academic unit (faculty) regarding the possibility to resume your studies.

Tips for a Successful Return to Studies

Sometimes it can be difficult to return to University after a long period of time, so here are some strategies and tips for a successful return to the University: