Tuition Fee Compensation

Tuition Fee Compensation

Sukurta: 14 October 2021

Students who studied in a study place not funded by the state during the entire or part (semester) of the study period, and who achieved the best learning outcomes, can expect to receive a tuition fee compensation. Tuition fee compensation from the state budget is organized by the State Studies Foundation (hereinafter – Foundation) with the participation of the University; compensation procedures are regulated by the Description of the Procedure of Payment, Reimbursement and Recovery of Tuition Fees at Vilnius University.

By considering the number of students in each study programme, the State Studies Foundation shall establish the highest number of persons in each field of study whose paid tuition fees may be compensated. Students of each field of study are ranked according to the weighted average of the compensated period, and the paid fees are compensated for the established number of students with the best learning outcomes in that field.

Persons who a granted a tuition fee compensation shall receive a notification in November via e-mails provided to the Foundation by the higher education institution, therefore it is important that students regularly check their e-mails specified in VU eStudent platform. Upon receiving a notification, students must, within the specified deadline, submit an application to the Foundation for the compensation of paid tuition fees.

For students who were admitted to study in the first cycle and integrated studies prior to 31 December 2016, the actually paid tuition fee or part of it which does not exceed the standard tuition fee may be compensated 2 times during the study period:

  • for the first two years of studies (in the case of part-time studies – during the first half of the study programme) and/or
  • from the third year of studies until the end of the first cycle or integrated studies (in the case of part-time studies – after finishing the second half of the study programme).

For students who were admitted to study in the first cycle, second cycle and integrated studies from 1 January 2017, the paid tuition fee or part of it which does not exceed the standard tuition fee may be compensated at the end of each year of studies.

  • The following shall not have the right to receive tuition fee compensation:
  • persons who are re-enrolling in the programme of the same or lower study cycle, if more than half of the previous study programme credits were acquired with state budget funds;
  • persons who are studying in two or more degree study programmes or non-degree study programmes of the same cycle at the same time, if their studies are funded with state budget funds according to at least one of these study programmes (they pay for the second and other study programmes);
  • foreigners, excluding emigrants and foreigners of Lithuanian descent, as well as citizens of the Member States of the European Union and other countries in the European Economic Area, if the international treaties of the Republic of Lithuania or other legal acts do not provide otherwise;
  • in other cases established by the Government.

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