Health Matters

Health Matters

Sukurta: 04 April 2019



All international students are supposed to have medical insurance valid in Lithuania for the study period (it can be obtained each year).

> Health insurance for EU students
Students who are the citizens of European Union member countries are required to either have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or form E111 confirming that the student has EU health insurance, valid in Lithuania.

Students who hold a European Health Insurance Card can get medical help by consulting their prescribed family doctor (GP) at any health care institution that has a contract with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF). Your family doctor could send you to a specialist if in need. Both - visiting your family doctor or a specialist are fully covered if the doctor has a contract with one of the territorial health insurance funds.

The cost of dental treatment services is also covered for holders of EHIC who visit dentists that have contracts with THIF (although it is the patient’s obligation to pay for the materials). Such dentists usually work in national health care institutions. Most dentists in Vilnius work privately and payment for full treatment is usually needed.

EU students who have private health insurance shall at first cover all of those health care expenses and then inform their health insurance company in order to get a refund – unless the insurance policy states otherwise.

Medicines are usually only included in the hospitalization cost, while medicines prescribed by doctors have to be bought by patients. Prescribed subsidized medicines are partly covered by the national health insurance fund (Lithuanian: Valstybinė ligonių kasa – VLK) for EHIC holders. Any outstanding amount has to be paid by the patient. You will have to pay the full price for any pharmaceutical which is not listed in the national price list of subsidized medicines.

> Health insurance for non-EU students

All students who are citizens of non-EU member countries are required to obtain health insurance either in their home country or Lithuania.

The cost of health insurance obtained in Lithuania may vary from around 50 to 150 EUR per year depending on the insurance policy (mainly on what part of the treatment cost is covered). This has to be done by contacting one of the private insurance companies if the student does not have a Permanent Residency Permit (if so, local THIF has to be contacted).

Students from non-EU countries applying for the visa have to prove to the Migration Office that they have valid health insurance. The following requirements for the insurance contract (policy) have to be fulfilled:

The health insurance contract (policy) shall guarantee that all basic medical assistance costs and travel expenses which may arise in connection with the return, for health reasons, of an alien to the homeland (medical transportation, including escort by medical brigade or a doctor) will be covered.

The following information shall be indicated in the insurance policy:
– Number of the Health Insurance Contract (policy);
– Particulars of the insurance undertaking (name, address of registered office, telephone and fax numbers);
– Full name of the insured person;
– The amount covered by the Health Insurance Contract;
– Duration of the Health Insurance Contract (at least by the end of the study period);
– The territorial coverage of Health Insurance Contract (policy);
– Non-insured events.


Even though you shall get medical help in all cases, there are some health institutions in Vilnius that provide easier access to health care services for international students because of the language barrier. The contact information for some of these institutions is:

Respublikinė Vilniaus universitetinė ligoninė
Šiltnamių st. 29, Vilnius
+370 5 216 91 40

Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos
Santariškių st. 2, Vilnius
+370 5 236 5000

VšĮ Vilniaus miesto klinikinė ligoninė
Antakalnio st. 57, Vilnius
+370 5 234 45 19

Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos
Eivenių str. 2, LT-50161 Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: (+370 37) 32 62 62, 32 71 98
Fax: (+370 37) 32 64 27

Territorial Health Insurance Funds

Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund
Phone: (+370 5) 266 1364

Kaunas Territorial Health Insurance Fund
Phone: (+370 37) 300578