Recognition of Foreign Academic Qualifications

Recognition of Foreign Academic Qualifications

Sukurta: 30 November -0001

Vilnius University was given the right to carry out the academic recognition of foreign qualifications related to higher education and acquired in accordance with the educational programs of foreign states and international organizations on April 23, 2015 (Order of the Minister of Education and Science, No. V-376). Recognition of foreign academic qualifications at the University is carried out by the International Admissions Office and the Department for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies.

Recognition of a foreign academic qualification 

Recognition of foreign academic qualifications is a part of the general admission to Vilnius University procedure. If you apply for admission on the basis of education from abroad, the processing of your application will include assessment and recognition of your educational background. Academic recognition refers to determining the academic value of a qualification, i.e. it determines whether the foreign qualification, in principle, meets general academic requirements for a similar qualification in Lithuania according to the following criteria: contents, profile, quality, workload, and learning outcomes.

  • Recognition of a foreign academic qualification is carried out after the application is submitted to the online application system (for Bachelor and Integrated studiesMaster studies) or directly to the Department of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies (for Doctoral (PhD) studies) and the required educational documents are submitted. Requirements for the educational documents can be found on the Vilnius University website. If your country is not on the list, please upload a Secondary school graduation certificate (or its equivalent) with grades for Bachelor’s degree applications, Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) with grades for Master’s degree applications, and Master’s degree (or its equivalent) with the supplement for Doctoral and Postdoctoral study applicants.
  • All documents issued in languages other than English or Lithuanian should be supplemented with an official translation. Documents issued in English or Lithuanian do not require a translation.
  • The International Admissions Office is issuing only pre-acceptance and acceptance letters for the applicants who have fully submitted applications to the online application system, meet admission requirements (general and programme specific), and are selected by the appropriate Academic Unit (Faculty).
  • The aim of the assessment procedure is to determine whether there are significant differences in the qualification compared to the analogous qualification awarded in Lithuania. 
Recognition decisions 
  • Recognition is granted if significant differences are not identified.
  • Limited recognition is granted to access only to specific types of study programmes.
  • Conditional recognition is granted and the applicant must fulfill additional requirements (for example additional studies) in order to be accepted.
  • Non-recognition decision is made if significant differences in the quality of learning outcomes, program elements, programs, or higher education institutions are identified.

The decision to recognize a foreign qualification does not mean a decision to admit to studying at Vilnius University.

Right to appeal 

In case of a negative foreign qualification recognition decision or if the acquired qualification is not sufficient to enter the chosen programme, the International Admissions Office is sending an individual notification with the decision and a more detailed explanation to the candidate. Vilnius University academic recognition decisions regarding foreign qualification can be appealed against to the Academic Recognition of Foreign Qualifications Concerning Higher Education Appeal Committee under the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the decision. For more information please visit.

Please note: Only recognition decisions (not admission decisions) can be appealed.