Before arrival

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Once you submitted your application for studies at Vilnius University (see more about Enrolment procedure) and have been accepted for an exchange make sure that:

  • you have a Letter of Acceptance from Vilnius University confirming that you are accepted. If not, please contact the International Relations Office by e-mail;
  • you have an approved Learning Agreement. If not, please choose the courses from the website and send the completed Learning Agreement to the International  Relations Office as soon as possible
  • your passport/identity card is valid not less than 3 months after the end of your intended study period at Vilnius University
  • You have entry visa if necessary
  • you have Health Insurance valid in Lithuania
  • you sent an e-mail at and informed your mentor about your arrival date and time 
  • you have a confirmation on accommodation reservation at Student Dormitory. If not, please contact the accommodation officer:; as soon as possible
  • you checked the timetable of the lectures which is available on the website . The timetable is usually available at the end of August for Autumn semester and in January for Spring semester.
  • Arrival days: Students are supposed to arrive 1 or 2 days before the beginning of a semester. If you come earlier please check availability of the Student Dormitory with the accommodation officer by e-mail .  Late arrival; If for some reasons you cannot arrive in Vilnius during the above mentioned days, you have to make it sure that you come within the first week of a semester. You may find more information on arrival days on our website here.