After arrival

Arrival days

Students are supposed to arrive 1 or 2 days before the beginning of a semester:

  • August 28– 29 for Autumn semester
  • January 29 – 30 for Spring semester

If you come earlier please check availability of the Student Dormitory with the accommodation officer by e-mail ;

Late arrival

If for some reason you cannot arrive in Vilnius during the above mentioned days, you have to make it sure that you come within the first week of a semester at the latest:

  • until September 5 in Autumn semester
  • until February 6 in Spring semester

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is offered at the beginning of each semester for all international students for free. No preregistration is required.

During the Orientation Week you can expect to meet faculty coordinators, to have a guided tour in Vilnius and VU Library, Taste of Lithuanian Language Lecture and many other interesting activities which will help you to get acquainted with many Lithuanian and international students.

OW programme for 2019 Autumn semester is available here

  OW days
Autumn semester 30 August – 4 September
Spring semester January 31 - February 5

Registration at VU

All students have to register at the International Relations Office (IRO) upon arrival. The registration starts just before the Opening of the Orientation Week (please check the Orientation Week Programme). After registration you will receive the information package.

If you arrive later and/or are not able to register before Opening of the Orientation Week, you should do this at IRO as soon as possible (please mind office hours)

Student Card

All exchange students are supposed to have a Lithuanian Student Card (LSP). You have to apply for it upon arrival. Your main contact person regarding all LSP matters is your mentor.

Registration in Lithuania

All EU citizens coming for a longer period than 1 semester studies must register at the Migration Office and the local authority body called Seniunija. All non EU citizens coming for exchange studies for any study period must get Visa D. All information about it is available on VU website or Migration department website.

Registration at courses

During the first week of each semester students must register at the chosen courses by completing the Registration at VU Courses form to guarantee timely issuance of the Transcript of Records. The form should be submitted at IRO by:

  • September 16 in autumn semester
  • February 14 in spring semester

As soon as you submit the form at the IRO you will be registered at chosen courses in VU database.

Please note that:

  • It's not possible to add any new courses after the deadline above.
  • In case you want to delete the course from your Registration at VU Courses Form you have to inform the Exchange Student Coordinator by e-mail immediatelly, but no later than October 15 (in Autumn semester) and March 15 (in Spring semester)!

Changes to Learning Agreement

If you drop or add a course make sure you fill in the Changes to Learning Agreement and submit to the IRO together with the Registration at VU Courses Form and it will be automatically sent to your home university for the approval.