Tuition Fee and Loans

Tuition Fee and Loans

Sukurta: 14 October 2021

Tuition fees must be paid by students taking study places not funded by the state. Students admitted to studies via the Online System of Joint Admission of the Association of Higher Education Institutions (LAMA BPO) or the University's Online System for Servicing of Applicants for Admission to the Second-Cycle of Studies (VU ISAS) shall pay the tuition fee for each semester before the end of the first month of the current semester.

Students admitted to study places not funded by state via the University's Online System of Admission Dream Apply shall pay the tuition fee for the first year of studies within 15 calendar days from the submission date of an invitation to study. The subsequent payments must be done before the end of the first month of the corresponding semester.

The Dean of the Faculty (Head of Academic Unit) may allow to pay tuition fees in instalments or postpone the payment of a tuition fee.

Applications must be submitted via eStudent environment.

If a student (unclassified student) terminates his/her study agreement, the paid tuition fees which are equal to the annual price of studies (price of studied course units) are refunded based on the Procedure of Payment, Reimbursement and Recovery of Tuition Fees at Vilnius University.