Minor Field Studies

Minor Field Studies

Sukurta: 13 October 2021

Minor field studies (minor field study programme) – a part of the first cycle (bachelor's degree) study programme, which consists of compulsory and (or) optional study course units (modules) of another study field and which meets the minimum requirements of this study field.



In addition to the main study programme, the study programme of another (minor) study field is 60 ECTS credits of volume.


When to Choose?

Students whose undergraduate (bachelor's degree) study programme provides for this option may choose one of the minor study programmes offered by the University.

If the study programme plan does not provide for such an option, the student may apply to the core academic unit (faculty), where he/she is studying with a request to create conditions for studying a minor study programme, by approving an individual study plan.


When Does Enrollment Take Place?

Students enrollment to minor study programmes takes place from 31 March until 31 May for Autumn Semester, and from 1 October to 31 December for Spring Semester.

For additional information and enrolment for minor field study programmes, please contact the core academic unit (faculty) where the specific minor field study programme is organized.


The List of Minor Study Programmes Taught in Vilnius University:


The first cycle (bachelor's degree) study programme's curricula must provide for the possibility to choose parallel studies, i. y. 60 ECTS credits have been allocated for all students in the programme or there is a possibility to create an individual study plan.