Presentation and Defence of the Final Thesis

Presentation and Defence of the Final Thesis

Sukurta: 06 April 2020

According to Vilnius University Senate resolution on continuing the spring semester study activities online, the prepared final papers (theses) also will be defended remotely.

It is need to mention that students will be informed individually by the faculty administration staff about the procedures of remote presentation and defence.

For all those who prepare final papers (theses):

  • Final theses are uploaded into the study information system (, by marking the guarantee that the thesis is prepared independently and honesty;
  • The printed work and the guarantee are not provided to the University;
  • The permission of the thesis supervisor to defend the thesis is confirmed by e-mail; a review is submitted by email to the student.


What to consider before defending the thesis?

Prepare for a remote defense just as you would for a usual one. While there may be a feeling that remote defense will be simpler than defense eye-to-eye (e.g., it is enough to put on a shirt because training pants will not be visible), we suggest not to give in to this illusion.

  1. Make a defense rehearsal. Once you get your thesis done, start preparing for the defense. Assemble a group of classmates and join the platform where the defenses will take place (the faculty will inform you about this and other details of the defense procedure). Each present your work and, let others ask questions. This will provide an opportunity not only to hear possible questions from the committee, but also to test your equipment: whether the microphone, camera, other necessary functions are working.
  2. Before your thesis defense, find out what the procedure is. E.g., what should you do in case there are technical problems?? Be sure to take part in an internet connection testing organized by the faculty before the defense if it will be organized. You will receive all this information to the university e-mail, so be sure to check it out.
  3. On the day of defense:
    • Dress neatly (what if you have to stand up and go to get a glass of water?)
    • Appear at the defense at least 10 minutes early to deal with possible technical problems.
    • As you speak, lift your eyes to the camera from time to time, speak into the microphone. When you turn away from the camera, you are less audible. Remember that listening to a person who is always looking at the computer screen is no less difficult than listening to someone who is reading from a sheet during the entire defense.
    • Make sure that you are alone in the room during the defense and that those close to you do not disturb you.
    • Look around and assess what the defense commission will see and hear from your side. Tidy up the room, agree with the people you live with not to vacuum the rooms or watch football matches at that time.
    • Have everything you need nearby: a pen, your notes, a glass of water, and all the files you may need to share on your desktop.
  4. Remember that the defense committee is in good faith. Everyone knows the circumstances under which thesis had to be written and will consider the impact of quarantine on your writing process.


Agnė Vitkutė (Faculty of Law, 5th year) about her defence experience: "Oh, yes, it was scary, but only until the defense started. After that you just deal with it - that you have no escape and try to do your best (smiles). I have to say, that it is quite fun - to defend. It's interesting to hear what the committee thinks about your topic, which details they see as relevant. For everyone for whom the defense is still yet to come, I can say, that the most important thing is to love your topic. Everything else will be ok!"