Non-Academic Activities

Non-Academic Activities and Providing Services at the University

Sukurta: 29 October 2020

Taking into account the threat of the spread of the COVID-19 infection, the decision by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania all activities at the University are to be continued.

It is not recommended to be at physical workplaces for people in risk groups (e.g., with chronic or oncological diseases, etc.), and those people who experience symptoms of the disease (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) are not allowed to enter the workplace.

All events, meetings and gatherings at the University are recommended to be carried out remotely.

The persons in question must wear face protection and ventilate the premises after each physical contact.

It is vital to ventilate all premises. Therefore, after each visit to the workplace, the office window should be left open on departure, or ventilation of the room should be arranged in another way. The building's security personnel have to be informed about this. The security staff should close the windows accordingly at least two hours after the employee leaves the workplace.