COVID-19 Cases in Our Community

As of Monday, 19 October 2020, we are going to publish the latest data on the number of COVID-19 (coronavirus infection) cases recorded among the University’s staff and students in the preceding week. The data are presented according to the information available to VU Civil and Work Safety Department, received from the representatives of the administration in the University’s departments.

For more information, see the action plans for dealing with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 among VU employees or students.

All COVID-19 cases are responded to in accordance with these VU action plans, and the recommendations of the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) are continuously applied. If, in confirmed cases, the ill member of our community visited the University, the self-isolation of persons who had close contact with the ill person is mandatory. In addition, the work or study premises of the diagnosed person are disinfected. If necessary, the study process is further adjusted.

The following information was received on the cases in our community on 23–29 November
(data of 16–22 November is in parentheses):
 Latest statistics:  Confirmed cases  Individuals in self-isolation
 Employees  6 (7)  7 (10)
 Students  6 (10)  0 (15)

We will update the numbers on a weekly basis – usually on Monday – to reflect the number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the past week.

We have about 5,000 employees and 22,830 students.

In view of the threat of the spread of COVID-19 infection, the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to declare quarantine and to protect the health of our community members, the coronavirus prevention team decided that all activities at the university by 17 December as far as possible should be continued remotely.

Meanwhile, the Senate of Vilnius University has decided that all study activities (with only a few exceptions) at the university will be carried out remotely by the end of this autumn semester.

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