Financial Back-up

Financial Back-up

Sukurta: 04 April 2020

In this uncertain period, you might suddenly find yourself in need of financial assistance. Keep in mind that you can always address your department asking for permission to postpone your tuition payments or applying for a one-off social scholarship. Currently, the University reviews these applications and awards one-off social scholarships on a monthly basis.

One-off Social Scholarship

If your financial and social situation has worsened, you have the opportunity to submit an application (with the supporting documents) for a one-off social scholarship. This can be done on the eStudent environment.

The supporting documents for application are the following:

  1. A family composition certificate (which can be obtained at the Population Registry or at the eldership where the student is registered)
  2. If the applicant’s parents (or guardians) are gainfully employed, an income statement on parents’(or guardians’) monthly income (only job-related income or old-age pension; benefits are not required) for the last three months is to be provided. In case the applicant’s parents (or guardians) are unemployed, an unemployment certificate (issued by the Social Security Department (Sodra) or the Labour Exchange) is required;
  3. The applicant’s income statement, covering his/her income in the past three months, or an unemployment certificate (issued by the applicant’s employer, the Social Security Department (Sodra) or the Labour Exchange).

The following additional supporting documents may be also attached: a medical death certificate, a medical certificate, a marriage or divorce certificate. Students who have created their own families are not required to provide data on parental income but are required to provide information on their spouses.

We encourage students to motivate the need for costs, related to online learning, or state other financial difficulties that may have been experiencing due to the COVID-19 outbreak in their applications.

For additional information please contact the Department of Study Administration (, +370 521 93 233) or Vilnius University Students’ Representation (, +370 616 41 889).