There are many accommodation options for international students in Vilnius and Kaunas. We strongly suggest you to choose Vilnius University dormitories because they are situated as close to the academic campuses as possible, charge modest fees and give you a better opportunity to interact with other students.

Accommodation in Vilnius University dormitories is available only for Vilnius University students during the academic year (i.e. from September 1st until June 30th). Application for Accommodation must be submitted at least one month before the scheduled arrival via online enrolment procedure (for exchange students), or via online admission procedure (for degree students). 

Accommodation in Kaunas

Contact person: Livija Grikietis


Accommodation options in Kaunas

1. KMAIK dormitories in Girionys
Dormitory administrator: Valda Gudynaitė
Phone: +370 37 383 082; mobile: +370 616 30488
Address: Liepu St 1 -202, Girionys

2. VMU AA dormitories in Akademija
Phone: +370 37 752 258
Address: Studentų St 5, Room 102, Akademija, Kaunas district

3. SOLO SOCIETY student house in the city centre:

4. 1 Home agency - affordable shared accommodation for students:

5. Student Residence Hall in the old town:

6. Check ERASMUS IN KAUNAS Facebook group for private ads:

7. Student housing ads:

8. Private ads:

Accommodation in Vilnius

The contacts for accommodation are:

Accommodation Officer 
Contact telephone number +370 618 62281

Dormitories in Vilnius are situated in Saulėtekio, Olandų or Didlaukio streets. They are close enough to the faculties. The time that is necessary to reach a faculty or any other object depends on their geographical location and the traffic causes.

 Dormitory at Saulėtekio av.Dormitory at Olandų st.Dormitory at Didlaukio st.
Location Saulėtekio av. 39, 37, 35 (1st floor), 33 (1st floor), 4 (2nd and 3rd floor), 10266 Vilnius Olandų st. 51, 01207 Vilnius Didlaukio st. 59, 08302 Vilnius

In a walking distance to the faculties of Economics and Business Administration, Physics, Communication, Law and Business School

Close to the Old Campus (Philology, Philoshopy, History faculties, Orentalistic Centre, Institute of International Relations and Political Science)

Close to the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Room type Double and triple rooms Double and triple rooms

Double and triple rooms

Common room with internet access No Yes No
Common kitchen Yes. One for each corridor have to be shared up to 23 people Yes. One for each corridor have to shared up to 18 people

Yes. One for each corridor have to be shared up to 23 people

Bathroom facilities Yes. Have to be shared up to 5-10 people Yes. Have to be shared up to 5 people

Yes. Have to be shared up to 5 people

Wireless internet Yes Yes

No. Access to cable internet in each room

Bedding Yes Yes Yes
Laundry facilities Yes Yes Yes


Arrival deposit: at least  60 Eur. Deposit must cover monthly price. Prices for one person.

DormitoryRoom typePer month if stay more than 2 monthsPer day if stay less than 2 months
Didlaukio st.  59 Double room 87 Eur 9 Eur (up to 10 days)
Olandų st.  51 87 Eur 7 Eur (up to 20 days)
Saulėtekio av. 39 87 Eur 6 Eur (21 days and more)
Saulėtekio av. 37 87 Eur 6 Eur  (up to 10 days)
Saulėtekio av. 35 (1st floor) Triple room 58 Eur 7 Eur  (up to 10 days)
Saulėtekio av. 33 (1st floor) 58 Eur 5 Eur  (up to 20 days)
Saulėtekio av. 4 (2nd, 3rd floor) 58 Eur 4,5 Eur  (21 days and more)
Additional services: internet (5 Eur monthly (Olandų 51 - eduroam ))

Move in:

For autumn semester: 28th of August

For spring semester: 1st of February

Note: Arrival date must be coordinated with Accommodation Officer.




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