Students with special needs

Vilnius University is open for people with disabilities. We make effort to provide equal opportunities to study and work for people with individual needs by:

  • providing flexible examination conditions;
  • improving physical accessibility of the campus;
  • providing various assistive technology and equipment;
  • counselling students and employees with disability;
  • organising seminars and raising awareness in the community.

Students with disabilities and learning difficulties may fill this form providing basic information about their needs for the disability coordinators. Students and employees are also encouraged to contact the disability coordinators regarding all disability-related questions:


Disability Affairs Coordinator (for students)

Indrė Širvinskaitė

Phone: (+370 5) 219 3161

5 Universiteto str., room 108-109

LT - 01513 Vilnius

Disability Affairs Coordinator (for employees)

Lina Garbenčiūtė

Phone: (+370 5) 219 3161

5 Universiteto str., room 108-109

LT - 01513 Vilnius


Adjustments to study process

There is a possibility to make alternative examination arrangements for students with disabilities (including learning disabilities, mental health or autism caused difficulties). We advise students with disabilities to contact our disability coordinators early. Reasonable adjustments shall be discussed individually and depend on student’s individual needs. They may include:

  • Accessible font style and size;
  • Use of various assistive technology and software for studying and during examination;
  • Improvement of physical accessibility;
  • Additional time during examinations;
  • Other individual adjustments.

Physical accessibility

Vilnius University is seeking to improve the physical accessibility of the campus. Unfortunately, not all buildings are fully accessible for people with limited mobility.

Among our most accessible academic units are Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of History, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Life Sciences Center, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Scholarly Communication and Information Centre.

Central campus

The Disability Affairs Coordinators’ office is accessible from the Grand Courtyard.

There is a possibility to use a platform lift to get from the M. K. Sarbievijus Courtyard (coming from the side of the Universiteto str.) to the Grand Courtyard and back. For assistance using the platform lift, please call +370 673 16577.

In Summer season (May–September: 10:00 a.m.-19:00 p.m.), it is possible to enter the Grand Courtyard from Šv. Jono street as well.

There is one parking place for people with disabilities (3 Universiteto str.). In order to use the parking place, please call the number on the barrier and inform about your disability.

People with limited mobility may enter the ground floor of the Central administration from the Grand Courtyard.

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