Erasmus programme is a great opportunity to spend a semester or a year of study in another European country, and have the study results counted towards your degree. You get to experience another culture and a new way of looking at your subject. You can make new friends and grow as a person.

We invite you to join in an informational session about opportunities for international mobility. We will provide more details about exchange programmes both for studies and internship and happily answer your questionsduring Q&A. 

Online meeting will be held using MS Teams at 2pm, on the 16th of September. The session will beheld in English.To join the meetingor watch the recording, please use the link.

ERASMUS+ programme offers to you:

  • a possibility of studying abroad in another European country for a period of at least 3 months and maximum 12 months per each study cycle;
  • free of charge studies in the host / partner university*;
  • study results counted towards your Vilnius University degree;
  • additional funding for disabled students (up to 500 Eur per month);
  • funding possibility depending on the country of your destination

*Accommodation, insurance costs are not included.

You can participate in ERASMUS+ programmme if:

  • You are a full degree student at Vilnius University;
  • You want and can go for Erasmus+ studies in Europe for 3-12 months;
  • Your previous Erasmus exchange experience (study or internships) before the application is not longer than 12 months per your current study cycle (Bachelor or Master and 24 months for integrated studies).

How to choose the University?

You need choose one or two institutions where you would like to apply and the institution must be the partner of your faculty, i.e., must have signed Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement and submit online registration form. The database of Erasmus+ partner Universities can be found here.

In addition to Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements signed by faculties, ou can choose between ARQUS or Coimbra Group network partners, with whom students exchange work through open mobility agreements scheme. More information can be found here


You can find information on this database such as:

  • partner institutions of your faculty;
  • the field of study agreed for the student exchange with partner University (eg., 023; 0531 );
  • level of study agreed with partner University;
  • number of students and duration of stay at partner University.

The indicated study levels (bachelor, master, PhD) are conditional, e.g. if you are a student at the undergraduate level, you can apply to Masters and Doctoral places. In case no suitable candidate will apply at the indicated level of study and partner University is willing to accept you then you have fair chances to go on exchanges to your chosen university. We are updating the list of partners institutions for each application round (September; February).

Before choosing a University we recommend to

  • check language requirements of the host University;
  • check what subjects/courses you can study in partner University. You should be able to plan your study program that corresponds to your level and field of study at Vilnius university.

ERASMUS+ students selection procedure

The application round takes place twice per academic year:
in February – for autumn semester or full academic year;
in September – for spring semester.

Call for proposals and the exact dates are published in the News section of the Faculties and on social media.
Students interested in applying for the program should:

  • select one or two partner universities where they  really would like to go (List of Erasmus partners);
  • check the languages requirements;
  • write a motivation letter (up to 500 words);
  • fill in an electronic registration form.

After online registration is closed, the selection procedure is carried out in the faculties. The Faculty coordinators select Erasmus+ participants applying faculty selection criteria. The selection procedure takes one - two weeks.

Faculty coordinators may offer you to choose another partner university because of the intense competition at the one you have chosen or because of the more consistent compliance with your study programme.
The selection results are published in the News section no later than 2 weeks after the online registration is closed.


ATTENTION! All degree students from Vilnius University can participate in Erasmus + programme, but the policy of the university is not to select students for studies abroad in the last semester of the graduation year. The main reason is the tight timeline of finishing Erasmus+ studies before the defence of you’re the thesis.  In most cases there are no possibilities to get Transcript of records from the host university till the end of semester at Vilnius University.

Main criteria for selection of Erasmus+ students:

  • proposed study programme at the host institution which can be accepted and recognised as part of the programme at Vilnius university.
  • clear /explicit and reasonable motivation
  • good knowledge of the language of instruction at host university
  • your grade average (of the two lasts semesters) is no less 8


Each faculty can use additional criteria.

Erasmus+ grants

Students may be awarded  Erasmus+ EU grant to help covering travel and subsistence costs incurred in connection with their study period abroad depending on country of destination:

Group numberCountryGrant for study EUR/month
1 Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, UK, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland* 520
2 Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Italy 470
3 Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey 320

*The grant in Switzerland is : 420 CHF /month (~ 390 EUR/month) – covered by Swiss partner, after arrival, the rest of the money will be paid by Vilnius University.


  • Erasmus grant is only partial funding and it is not enough to cover all living expenses in some countries. It is very important to have additional amount of money before Erasmus studies for your additional costs: tickets, insurance, accommodation deposit (it can be for 4-5 months) and other academic and personal needs.
  • The payment of any national grant or loan to outgoing students should be maintained during the study period abroad, except ERASMUS MUNDUS grant (you cannot get double ERASMUS scholarship).
  • Limited number grants are available, but Erasmus+ students - whether or not they receive an Erasmus+ EU grant - are exempted from paying tuition fees, as well as do not have to cover costs for registration, examination access to laboratory, and library facilities at the host institution

The grant is paid twice:
the first payment (80 %) is not earlier than one week before departure,
the second – after the completion of the mobility period.

The Erasmus grant does not fully cover the cost of living, so we recommend for all outgoing students to have additional funds.

There is a possibility to go for Erasmus+ studies with a “zero” grant.  In this case the Erasmus+ grant is not paid, but the students enjoy all the ERASMUS student rights. "Zero” mobility costs can be funded from private foundations, parents, other family members, employers' funds.

Additional support for students with special needs

You may seek additional support if you are a special needs student (disability, continuous compulsory cures/ remedies such as insulin are needed, a special diet, medications, etc.).

You must apply directly to the Education Exchanges Support Foundation for assistance and fill in the minimum documentation:
- an application at least 1 months before the departure for the Erasmus studies;


If you are Non - European Union student, you need to have valid visa D or Temporary Resident Permit for studies in Lithuania and this documents allows students to travel via Schengen area countries 3 months in the period of 6 months, but not give right to  study. After getting acceptance letter (it can be an e-mail version), you have to ask your host university coordinator about visa procedure in your country of destination.

Do not forget to prolong your legal stay documents in Lithuania, REMEMBER the decision of the issue of the temporary residence permit shall be made within 4 months (as general request) / 2 months (as urgent request) after the submission of the documents.

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